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Employees: 136

AutoStore is an automated storage and retrieval system (“ASRS”) equipment manufacturer. The AutoStore system uses robotics for collecting stored goods in a warehouse, providing significant improvements in capacity and performance. AutoStore represents an optimal solution for meeting the growing demands for automated and efficient warehousing.

AutoStore was founded early 1990s by the Hatteland Group. AutoStore has grown significantly since first commercial delivery in 2005. By 2017, the company had delivered approximately 220 installations in 25 countries across five continents.

AutoStore works together with leading distributors in selling and implementing the system in the end users’ warehouses. The AutoStore solution is applicable for many types of industries, including eCommerce, industrials and 3rd party logistics. End users include several blue-chip names such as Puma, Siemens and DHL.

AutoStore is headquartered in Nedre Vats (Norway), whereas the production is located in Koszalin (Poland). 

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Market trends and drivers

The global ASRS market is expected to grow at around 7% per annum, benefiting from global megatrends such as e.g. boost in eCommerce sales, automation and robotization, urbanization and demand for delivery speed and accuracy. The addressable market for AutoStore is expected to grow meaningfully faster than the overall market.

Investment potential

EQT’s value creation plan is focused on executing on the significant revenue growth potential for AutoStore. Key value creation levers include geographic expansion, enhanced product applicability and actively investing in R&D to maintain technology lead.