Number of Employees: 290

Avenso is dedicated to bringing affordable high quality photographic art to a wider audience through innovative multi-channel gallery concepts and online distribution models as well as the latest technology in printing.

The Company was founded in 1999 and in 2013 EQT became a new investor in the group, teaming up with the managing shareholders. Avenso has its headquarter in Berlin and has a total staff of 290.

Avenso is comprised of two key business segments:

At LUMAS, Avenso’s flagship brand, art enthusiasts and newcomers to the art world alike have the opportunity to experience an all-encompassing variety of photographs, from up-and-coming to established photography artists, on the LUMAS website or in LUMAS galleries. LUMAS offers selected works by these artists as hand-signed original photographs in limited editions, some being available even in full-wall sizes. Affordable prices are achieved by offering a somewhat higher amount of editions that normally range from 75 to 150 prints with no reduction in artistic quality or craftsmanship.


WhiteWall is an online photo laboratory for gallery quality, serving private customers and professional photographers. WhiteWall offers photographic prints, laminations, and framings online with just a few clicks of the mouse. WhiteWall produces prints in all formats and is particularly well known for large formats in the highest museum-like quality.

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Market trends and drivers

Avenso has created a new market by making exceptional art photography accessible to a broad art-interested audience. Key markets are expected to exhibit strong growth in coming years by making photographic art affordable to wider customers groups. While the classical art market has moved with the general economic development, Avenso’s broad customer appeal has shown to be relatively neutral to economic cycles.

Investment potential

The key reasons for EQT’s investment in Avenso were the company’s unique business model and first mover advantage in combination with a strong artistic profile that ensures a resilient market position and high growth potential. The well-established multi-channel approach in combination with the proven ability to internationalize the concept adds to the growth potential.

The business development plan includes accelerated organic growth in existing and new markets by opening new galleries, improved online shopping experience and further development of new services and offerings while maintaining the truly artistic DNA of the company.