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Coromatic Group

Sales: SEK 1,5 billion 2018A
Employees: +480

Coromatic is the Nordic leader within critical facility services and solutions. The company helps customers secure data communication and power in critical facilities 24/7 through its extensive service and solutions offering from 17 Nordic locations.

Coromatic has thousands of long-standing relationships with medium- and large sized corporate customers in the Nordics. It ensures uninterrupted operations for critical facilities, including data centers, technical infrastructure and connected workplaces, through its full-suite offering covering design, procurement, installation and project management, as well as services such as advisory, operations, maintenance and proactive improvements.

Coromatic is headquartered in Sweden, with subsidiaries in Denmark, Norway and Finland.

To Coromatic Group

Market trends and drivers

The trends of service outsourcing, increased data storage and usage, as well as heightened costs of business disruption are the key drivers for Coromatic's underlying market.

Investment potential

The Coromatic investment is based on the company's strong market position, long-standing customer relationships with top-tier companies in the Nordics and extensive track record of delivering turn-key solutions and services to customers. The business model is scalable, which enables growth into new geographic regions and market segments.

The business development plan includes an increased sales effort in order to enhance the one-stop-shop concept with an emphasis on recurring maintenance services, to drive upsell to the existing customer base and extend the company's market leading position in the Nordics. Local M&A opportunities are to be evaluated to strengthen local presence.