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Sales: EUR 967 million in 2017
EBITDA: EUR 238 million in 2016/2017
Employees: 5,446

Sivantos is a leading global pure play producer of hearing aids and accessories with more than 100 years of experience and a proven track record as an industry innovator.

Sivantos, formerly known as Siemens Audiology Solutions, exclusively develops, manufactures and sells leading-edge hearing aids via several brands – Siemens, Rexton and Audio Services – as well as multiple sales channels. Its product spectrum covers the full range of hearing aids and accessories across all price categories. Development has always been a top priority as evidenced by many “world’s firsts” in hearing aid history, including the first hearing aid featuring a wireless system.

In 2012 Sivantos, in collaboration with the University of Oldenburg, won the German Future Prize (Deutscher Zukunftspreis) for having developed a binaural hearing system enabling hearing aids in both ears to communicate with each other. In 2014, studies proved that the “Narrow Directionality” feature of the new “binax” platform is so effective that in demanding situations it allows hearing impaired wearers to understand speech even better than people with normal hearing (two clinical studies published by University of Northern Colorado, 2014 and Oldenburg Hörzentrum, 2013).

Sivantos has a strong German heritage with key R&D activities being based in Germany. The headquarter is in Singapore and the company serves customers in close to 120 countries with c. 5,000 employees globally. Sivantos was spun off from Siemens AG in 2015 with its history going back as far as the 19th century.

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Market trends and drivers

Sivantos operates in a highly attractive market with healthy, non-cyclical growth driven by a growing addressable population due to: 1) An overall aging population, 2) Daily noise pollution increasing the number of hearing impaired people, and 3) An increasing penetration of hearing aids users among the hearing impaired people thanks to improved technology and social acceptance. Going forward technological innovation including trends like advanced binaural processing and connectivity will be key for the industry.

Investment potential

EQT’s value creation plan is focused on driving commercial excellence, significant investments into R&D to ensure future technology platforms continue to be best-in-class, and driving operational excellence to secure a competitive cost position.