United Digital Group

Employees: 637

UDG is a leading agency group for digital marketing services and communication in Germany. Headquartered in Hamburg, the company today focuses on the concept and design of UX (user experience) projects as well as their technological implementation and digital architecture.

UDG covers the majority of the value chain in digital marketing services, including online marketing strategy and services, creation and design, as well as technology. 

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Market trends and drivers

The key market for UDG are digital UX services. UDG's underlying mid- to long-term market development is expected to remain very positive as enterprises increase their UX spending and marketing budgets further shift from offline to online channels.

Investment potential

The investment rationale for investing in UDG was the opportunity to participate in a strongly growing market and to create a market leader in the highly fragmented German digital marketing and user experience space by merging a number of companies. The merged company will be able to pursue large accounts due to increased service breadth and increase in counterparty credibility.