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Candidator DGC

Sales: SEK 772m in 2017PF
EBITA: SEK 105m in 2017PF
Employees: ~550

Candidator DGC is a leading Nordic managed IT services provider with capabilities for full IT outsourcing

Candidator DGC is a leading Swedish managed IT services provider with capabilities for full IT outsourcing, providing their clients with contracted services, including hosting, cloud and application management. Candidator DGC has managed to build strong customer relationships in Sweden and Norway by combining dedicated customer focus with high quality IT solutions.

Candidator DGC was formed in April 2018 by combining Candidator and DGC IT Services, creating a leading Nordic managed IT services provider. Both companies have strategically complementary characteristics from DGC IT Services’ strong position in the public and finance customer verticals in Eastern Sweden and Candidator’s stronghold in Western and Southern Sweden.

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Market trends and drivers

Candidator DGC operates in a large, non-cyclical market with healthy underlying growth trends driven by increased cloud adoption and continued outsourcing.

The Nordic IT services market is characterized by a polarized and fragmented market structure, creating an opportunity for Candidator DGC to drive consolidation and serve larger national clients.

Investment potential

EQT Mid Market Europe will support the continued development of Candidator DGC’s growth strategy while strengthening its platform and further developing its service offering, both organically and through selective acquisitions. The long-term vision is to build a Nordic IT services provider acting as a strategic IT partner to its clients with a focused offering within certain attractive customer verticals and applications.