FocusVision is a global leader in technology-enabled services within the marketing research and intelligence market through its qualitative and quantitative offerings.

Founded in 1990, FocusVision has grown to become the only global player providing a full range of both quantitative and qualitative tools and services within the marketing research and intelligence market.  Through operations in the US, Europe, and Asia, FocusVision provides essential services to ensure marketing professionals in agencies and enterprises are able to generate customer insights both quickly and in an in-depth manner.  It is the clear market leader in the focus group streaming through VideoStreaming and virtual focus group platform through InterVu, providing customers the ability to stream a focus group anywhere in the world and conduct focus groups online.  FocusVision also provides a proprietary technology tool for quantitative survey services, Decipher, which includes programming, analyzing, testing, and hosting services both online and mobile.  FocusVision was founded in 1990, is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, with additional offices in California, United Kingdom, Brazil, Australia, Bulgaria and Singapore.

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Market trends and drivers

Technology enabled services for the marketing research and intelligence market is a non-cyclical market with strong underlying growth trends driven by the need for faster and deeper insights as product development cycles are shorter, increasing adoption in new industries, and a shift from traditional primary research to more technology-enabled methods.

Investment potential

EQT Mid Market US’ strategy is to support the continued growth of FocusVision. Particular focus will be on growing domestically and internationally, investing in the salesforce, new product innovation, acquisitive growth, and platform integration. Dennis Malamatinas and Doug Gilstrap have joined as the Chairman and Board Member, respectively, bringing strong expertise in the areas of sales, marketing, and technology.