Sales: EUR 377 million in 2016
Employees: 1165

GETEC is the leading German decentralized heat, power and cold contracting and energy services company. Services are provided under long-term contracts to industrial clients as well as to the real estate/housing sector.

GETEC was founded by Dr Karl Gerhold in 1993 and is today one of the market leaders in energy services in Germany. The GETEC brand stands for tailor-made, efficient and sustainable energy solutions, implemented by a group of highly qualified engineers. The group currently operates around 2 700 decentralized energy production plants in Germany.

The EQT Infrastructure investment strategy has entered a strategic partnership with GETEC. The partnership will jointly develop the companies GETEC heat & power, GETEC WÄRME & EFFIZIENZ und GETEC media under a newly formed joint venture company G+E GETEC Holding GmbH. EQT Infrastructure will own 60 percent of the joint venture company.


Market trends and drivers

The outlook for the overall energy services market is very positive. The highly attractive German energy contracting market (i.e. engineering, procurement, building, ownership, supply, and long-term operations and maintenance of assets) has a size of approx. € 4 bn.

As only a small portion of the addressable market is currently tapped, there is significant potential for further market growth from increasing penetration. Today, the heat market is still dominated by self-suppliers with own heat solutions, while regulation increasingly opens up the market for contracting solutions – especially in the housing sector.

Energy policy worldwide drives the energy efficiency megatrend and is expected to result in more complex integrated and decentralized systems as key solutions that drive energy solution business and contracting offers. 

In Germany, GETEC is considered to be the market leader in energy contracting.

Investment potential

GETEC has a proven business model with a sound and unique value proposition to industrial, housing and public customers. The aim of the partnership is to further strengthen and expand the activities of GETEC heat & power, GETEC WÄRME & EFFIZIENZ und GETEC media. The strategy includes identifying and capturing growth opportunities both in Germany and by expanding into neighboring markets.