Sales: DKK 696 million in 2017
EBITDA: DKK 269 million in 2017
Employees: 280

GlobalConnect is the leading alternative provider of high capacity fiber based data communication and data center services to businesses in Denmark

In total, GlobalConnect owns and operates 12,500 km of fiber and 13,000 sqm data center space in both Denmark and Northern Germany.

Founded in 1998, GlobalConnect has grown to become the leading alternative provider of B2B data communication services in Denmark. The company plays a central role in the digital infrastructure value chain as approximately 50% of all Danish internet traffic passes through its extensive fiber network which includes both backbone and metro network coverage. 

To GlobalConnect 

Market trends and drivers

Market environment is characterized by global technological developments that drive the digitalization and connectivity megatrends. This will continue to increase demand for higher bandwidth and performance in access and backhaul networks, leading to opportunities for fiber network providers.

There is a need for higher capacity datacom connections with fast down- and upstream speeds and high security and stability. Fiber is expected to be the winning technology that drives the connection of direct customers and the wholesale market in the long term. Conversion from old technologies to fiber is already happening, and the continued willingness of fiber providers to invest in fiber networks is a key current market growth driver.

In addition, GlobalConnect’s integrated data center and hosting offering is benefitting from the strong underlying market trend of IT outsourcing spend moving from in-house up the stack.

Investment potential

The investment rationale in GlobalConnect was founded on the company’s continuously growing fiber infrastructure where we have the potential to substantially grow the network during our holding period, thereby allowing for more people to get access to high-capacity fiber.

Value creation levers circle around acceleration of fiber build-out to capture large portions of the underlying market growth in both Denmark and Northern Germany. In addition to network investments, the business plan includes further improvements in the value proposal with relevant on-top services such as network security and data center capacity.

EQT has also the ambition to pursue add-on acquisitions in both Denmark and Northern Germany.