Sales: SEK 777 million in 2016
Employees: 302

Piab is the global technology leader within industrial vacuum based automation and robot components. Piab is today present in more than 70 countries through distributors and subsidiaries.

Founded in 1951 by the Swedish Tell family, Piab supplies vacuum ejectors, conveyors, lifters and suction cups that serve to improve the energy-efficiency, productivity and working environments of customers across a broad range of industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, packaging and automotive. Piab is today headquartered in Sweden and has approximately 400 employees across the world.

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Market trends and drivers

Piab operates in a fragmented niche market supplying “line critical” products to a broad range of customers. Strong underlying market growth is primarily driven by increasing automation of manufacturing processes and increasing customer preferences for vacuum solutions which gives higher energy efficiency, lower noise and better hygiene standards.

Investment potential

Focus on further accelerating growth through continued investments in R&D and new products, further driving sales efficiency and penetrating prioritized segments and markets.