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Press Ganey

Employees: 1,134

Press Ganey is the leading provider of patient experience measurement, performance analytics and strategic advisory solutions for health care organizations across the continuum of care

For more than 30 years, Press Ganey’s mission has been to support health care providers in understanding and improving the entire patient experience. As a strategic business partner to more than 26,000 health care organizations, Press Ganey leads the industry in helping clients transform the patient experience and create continuous, sustainable improvement.
Press Ganey partners with providers to capture the voice of the patient, physician, nurse and employee to gain insights that address unmet needs. Through a comprehensive suite of health care solutions that combine integrated data, advanced analytics, and strategic advisory services, Press Ganey helps clients transform their organizations to deliver safe, high quality, patient and family centered care.

With a shared mission to reduce patient and caregiver suffering, Press Ganey presents clients with key metrics in a single, integrated view of performance to enable alignment and accountability across the organization. This approach equips clients with the confidence to make changes, supported by proven best practices, to reduce suffering and improve the patient experience. Founded in 1995 in South Bend, Indiana, Press Ganey has additional offices in Boston, Chicago, Baltimore, Charlotte, Kansas City, and Virginia Beach.

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Market trends and drivers

Press Ganey’s market is growing and is expected to continue to grow as the healthcare sector increasingly focuses on patient-centered and value-based care. Driven by these macro trends, healthcare organizations rely on performance measurement, analytics, and insights to improve their operations, quality of care and ultimately patient outcomes. Data-driven healthcare is still advancing and there is a significant opportunity to collect and apply patient and caregiver insights throughout the patient journey across care settings.

Investment potential

Press Ganey is uniquely positioned to help its healthcare clients improve the safety, quality and experience of care. Offering the largest database of patient experience in the industry, Press Ganey is able to help organizations continuously improve their performance through data insights, advanced analytics, advisory services and transformational consulting. The business plan calls for increased investment in data analytics and expanded products that enable health care organizations to reduce patient suffering as they improve operational performance.