XP Solutions

Number of Employees: 60

XP Solutions is a leading provider of water infrastructure and flood control software for civil engineering and environmental sectors.

Founded in 1974, XP Solutions provides water infrastructure and flood control software solutions to engineers, regulators, and water authorities.

XP Solutions is known for its deep domain knowledge and technical expertise through 40 years of industry experience. Its solutions are uniquely embedded with regulatory standard functionality and the offerings range from hydraulics analysis software for drainage infrastructure design, storm/flood modeling, and visualization.

The company is headquartered in the US and has additional offices in Europe, Australia, and Asia.

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Marked trends and drivers

XP Solutions enjoys stable underlying growth due to industry tailwinds and continued customer shift towards paid software offerings. Through deep domain knowledge, XP Solutions has created high quality products with strong customer usability.  The company has further entrenched itself with customers due to unique achievement of US federal regulatory approvals (FEMA and EPA approved products) and the software’s uniquely embedded regulatory standards templates which enable compliance with local requirements.

Investment potential

EQT Mid Market is keen to support the continued growth of XP Solutions both domestically and internationally. Particular focus will be on developing the company’s North American sales function, introducing new products, and expanding the company’s footprint through acquisitions.

Employee development