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AcadeMedia is the largest independent education provider in Northern Europe. The company provides a complete educational offering spanning from pre-schools to adult education with approximately 165,000 children and students attending the operations across Sweden, Norway and Germany.

EQT acquired AcadeMedia in June 2010 with a value creation plan centered around accelerating growth through green-field roll-out, improved utilization of the installed base of schools by additional /extension of educational programs and acquisitions of both single unit schools and larger complementary platforms inside and outside of existing markets. Furthermore, the focus was on implementing a leading quality model and sharing of best practices across the organization to ensure realization of scale benefits.

During EQT’s ownership period, the company has almost quadrupled in size and transformed from a domestic Swedish player into the largest and most diversified independent education provider in Northern Europe, with approximately EUR 1 billion of revenues and operating more than 600 schools and units across Sweden, Norway and Germany. In addition to growth, AcadeMedia has developed a market leading quality model which is used as a tool to measure and benchmark units across all relevant quality aspects in order to constantly improve the operations.

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Key events during EQT’s ownership

  • Build-up of a comprehensive and proprietary quality model with improved student results and satisfaction over time
  • Transformational acquisitions of Pysslingen (Sweden), Hermods (Sweden), Espira (Norway) and Joki (Germany), in addition to multiple small / medium sized bolt-on acquisitions
  • Greenfield roll-out of more than 50 new units
  • Repositioning from a domestic Swedish school provider to the largest and most diversified independent educational provider in Northern Europe