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Atos Medical

Atos Medical is a medical device company with a clear world market and technology leading position in the market for voice and pulmonary rehabilitation of patients who have undergone Laryngectomy (surgical removal of the voice box)

In 2011, EQT acquired Atos Medical from Nordic Capital. The immature state of Atos Medical's key markets, with a significant organic growth potential and increasing penetration, was a key factor behind the investment.

Throughout its ownership, EQT supported management in implementing operational excellence across product sales and product innovation.

By 2016, Atos Medical was the global leader in the laryngectomy market, seven times as large as the second leading player, with 400 employees worldwide and a revenue exceeding SEK 1.0bn. The company has one of the largest dedicated ENT sales forces in the world, with offices in 18 markets and distributors serving more than 60 countries.

To Atos Medical

Key events during EQT's ownership

  • Increased market penetration and per patient consumption
  • Significant investments into a global sales force. Atos Medical has the largest dedicated ear, nose and throat (“ENT”) sales force in the world
  • 11 synergistic forward integrations, as well as investments into an innovative direct-to-consumer model
  • Operational scale benefits and focus on core product sales (Atos Medical’s most profitable products)
  • Continued investments in R&D and product innovation including a new tracheostomy product line
  • Recruited a new CEO, Claus Bjerre, and subsequently strengthened the management team and organization
  • Supported the management team with a strong industrial board of directors