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EQT V bought Dako in 2007.

Dako is a world leader in providing systems for cancer diagnostics. Hospital and research laboratories worldwide use Dako reagents, instruments and software to make precise diagnoses and determine the most effective treatment for patients suffering from cancer. The company has a long history of market leadership and is highly recognized among pathology laboratories around the world. Dako’s headquarters are located in Denmark and the company has approximately 1,100 employees

In 2012 EQT V sold Dako to Agilent Technologies.

Key events during EQT’s ownership

  • New CEO/CFO and strong industrial board
  • Increased investments in R&D, resulting in several launches of ground-breaking technologies in the fight against cancer
  • Refocused on core business by divesting the Flow Instruments business
  • Strengthened commercial organization
  • Entered into several key emerging markets