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Eldon Holding

EQT II bought Eldon Holding AB, one of the leading European manufacturer of metal enclosures for industrial, electronic and data & telecommunication equipment, in 2001 through a spin-off transaction from Eldon Group (re-named Thule AB).

During EQT's ownvership, the company manufactured floor-standing and wall-mount enclosures both in mild steel and stainless variants at production sites in Spain, UK and the Netherlands. Eldon not only supplies standard products but also offers its customers, mainly panel builders, electrical installers and OEM engineering companies, the capability to translate specific requirements into customized solutions.

EQT II sold Eldon Holding AB in 2006.

Key events during EQT's ownership

  • Investment initiative executed in the Netherlands and Spain, increasing the level of automation in the manufacturing process and introduction of new product platform in floor-standing and wall-mounted enclosures
  • Re-inforcement of management and Board
  • Comprehensive restructuring program to bring Eldon back on a profitable growth path, further consolidation of operations and reduction of workforce