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EQT II bought Salcomp in 1999 from Nokia.

Salcomp is one of the world's leading manufacturers of power supplies for mobile phones and other personal handheld devices.

Salcomp has its headquarters in Finland while manufacturing operations are located in China, India and Brazil.

Salcomp was listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange in March 2006; in connection therewith, EQT's stake in the company decreased from approximately 92% prior to the offering to approximately 52%.

In June 2007, EQT reduced its shareholding to 22.4% through a secondary sale to Nordstjernan AB. In August 2007, the remaining EQT holding was sold also to Nordstjernan AB.

Key events during EQT's ownership

  • Established as Global leader in fast growing switch mode technology
  • Expanded customer base to cover all major phone manufacturers
  • Managed turn around successfully after downturn in telecoms industry - Increased operational efficiency - Successful transfer of production from Finland to China in 2003/2004, only charger supplier with own production in both Asia and South America, and also first one who started its own production in India
  • Made strategic add-on acquisitions – Aspro Technology AG in 2002 and former contract manufacturing plant in Manaus, Brazil in 2005