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Securitas Direct

EQT V bought Securitas Direct in 2008.

Securitas Direct is the leading alarm monitoring company in Europe offering subscription based high-quality security services based on its technology leadership within alarm products to homes and small businesses. Serves more than 1.3 million customers in ten countries and is divided into two business segments; North (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands) and South (Spain, Portugal, France and Chile).

In 2011 EQT V sold Securitas Direct to Bain Capital and Hellman Friedman

Key events during EQT’s ownership

  • Accelerated growth through M&A with the successful acquisitions of Hafslund Sikkerhet in Norway with 72K customers and HomeSafety in Holland with 21K customers
  • Accelerated organic growth by more than doubling the customer portfolio in France as well as establishing a presence in Latin America by starting operations in Chile and Brazil
  • Managed the recession in Southern Europe through active customer portfolio management in Spain and Portugal, improved cash management culture in Company and operational leverage in existing portfolio
  • Launched a new technology product generation further strengthening Securitas Direct‘s position as the market leader
  • Total the portfolio grew by 11% and EBITDA by 20% per annum during EQT’s ownership