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VTI Technologies

EQT III acquired VTI from Breed Technologies Inc. in June 2002.

VTI Technologies (“VTI”) is the world’s largest independent designer and manufacturer of high-performance MEMS sensors for automotive, medical, instrument and consumer applications.

Substantial investments in research and development enabled VTI to further strengthen its position in acceleration sensors for automotive safety systems and selected medical applications as well as expand into new segments, such as consumer electronics. Products such as a new generation sensors for the transportation segment and three-axis gyroscopes for consumer electronics applications, were key growth drivers for VTI at the time of the sale.

In 2012, EQT III sold VTI Technologies to the publicly listed Japanese electronic components company Murata Manufacturing.

Key events during EQT's ownership

  • Significant investments in production capacity and R&D to scale up the Finnish production site and retain cutting-edge R&D know-how
  • Establishment of competitive outsourced supply chain in Asia for new consumer electronics products
  • Substantial operational restructuring carried out in 2009
  • Introduction of new products in all segments – for example in 2011, VTI ramped up the production of the world’s first combined accelerometer and gyro sensor for Electronic Stability Control systems.