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IslaLink is an independent and neutral telecom infrastructure provider of submarine fiber. It deploys and operates submarine cables, providing telecom operators with the managed bandwidth services they require for their retail operations.

Since inception in 1999, the strategy of the Islalink has been to target routes that have been underserved and where there have been opportunities to challenge a monopoly provider. The Company is headquartered in Madrid, Spain.

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Market Trends and Drivers

Being a “carriers’ carrier”, IslaLink’s customers are primarily large, blue-chip telecom operators with whom the company has medium to long term contracts. Data volumes are being driven by increased broadband connectivity and fiber-to-the-home penetration. Volumes are also driven by increased video content in internet traffic.

Investment Potential

IslaLink’s base business is stable, with revenues being protected through a combination of strong market position, medium to long term contracts with high quality customers and favorable market dynamics. The company is also pursuing a number of promising organic expansion opportunities. In addition, IslaLink serves as a platform for inorganic growth opportunities in a highly dynamic segment of the telecommunications infrastructure space.