Michael Cohrs

Current Position

Industrial Advisor to EQT since 2012 and Chairman of the EQT Credit Investment Advisory Committee.

Mr Cohrs serves as a Member of Court (Non Executive Director) of the Bank of England. Until 2013, he served as a Member of the Interim Financial Policy Committee of the Bank of England. Mr Cohrs is appointed a Fellow of Cambridge University and is a Member of the Advisory Board of British Airways Plc.


Mr. Cohrs studied Business Administration at Harvard Business School and graduated in 1981 with an M.B.A. and studied Economics at Harvard College and graduated in 1979 with a Bachelor's degree.

Work Experience

Mr Cohrs served as a Member of the Deutsche Bank Vorstand (Management Board) 2009-2010. Mr Cohrs joined Deutsche Bank in 1995 as Head of Global Equity Capital Markets and then served as a Member of the Group Executive Committee 2002-2010 as well as Head of Global Banking 2002-2010.

He was an adjunct Professor at Peking University in Beijing from 2007 until 2009.