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Investment Advisory Professionals

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Name Investment strategy Title Country
Abuhamzeh, Parham Infrastructure Associate Sweden
Achiq, Anas Real Estate Associate UK
Agarwal, Harsh Equity Director US
Ahlén, Jessica Equity Associate Sweden
Ahuja, Sofia Equity Director US
Alvarez Conde, Marcos Infrastructure Associate Spain
Andersen, Frederik Equity Associate Denmark
Arminen, Päivi Infrastructure Director Finland
Aschenbrenner, Andreas Equity Partner Germany
Astruc, Olivier Real Estate Managing Director UK
Åtting, Fredrik Public Value Partner and Co-Head of EQT Public Value advisory team Germany
Audier, Jean-Baptiste Equity Associate UK
Balzer , Johann-Christoph Infrastructure Director Germany
Bar-Gera, Anat Ventures Venture Advisor Switzerland
Bassett, Jared Equity Associate US
Bauer, Michael Equity Partner Switzerland
Bauer, Bastian Equity Associate Germany
Bergström, William Public Value Associate Sweden
Betz, Ralph Credit Director Germany
Blecher, Lennart Infrastructure Head of Real Assets, Chairman of Credit and Managing Partner Switzerland
Borcher, Carl Martin Equity Director Denmark
Borrmann, Vincenz Infrastructure Associate Germany
Braathen, Christian Infrastructure Associate Sweden
Brajovic, Ana Credit Director UK
Bredinger, Filip Mid Market Director Sweden
Brennecke, Marcus Equity Partner and Co-Head of EQT Equity advisory team Germany
Brode, Richard Infrastructure Associate US
Brun, Yannick Equity Associate Switzerland
Burgdorf, Felix Equity Director Germany
Chang, Brian Mid Market Partner Singapore
Childerstone, Sam Real Estate VP UK
Chung, Tak Wai Mid Market Partner Singapore
Cleland-Bogle, Andrew Credit Director UK
Collett, Aaron Infrastructure Associate US
Cook, Crosby Infrastructure Director US
Dahle Benzon, Eirik Equity Director Norway
Darden, Alex Infrastructure Partner US
de Bontin, Anne-Laure Real Estate Director UK
de Rome, Paul Credit Partner UK
Dettel, Johan Mid Market Partner Sweden
Dhawan, Vikram Infrastructure Associate US
Dhote, Rohit Credit Director UK
Ditlevsen, Mads Equity Partner Denmark
Duong, Tracy Mid Market Associate Singapore
Echániz, Asís Infrastructure Director Spain
Ellermann Holmbom, Mads Equity Associate Denmark
Englesson, Victor Mid Market Partner Sweden
Escudier, Stephen Credit Partner US
Fackler, Matthias Infrastructure Partner Germany
Farahani, Ali Equity Director Sweden
Fischer, Dr. Andreas Mid Market Partner Germany
Fong, Lyle Ventures Partner UK
Forster, Frank Real Estate Managing Director UK
Fraguas Jover, Miguel Credit Associate UK
Frank, Fabian Equity Associate Germany
Franzén, Per Equity Partner and Co-Head of EQT Equity advisory team Sweden
Frilander, Juho Mid Market Director Finland
Funk, Florian Mid Market Partner Germany
Furntrath, Kerstin Credit Associate UK
Gaarud, Anders Public Value Managing Director Sweden
Garcia-Barrero, Guillermo Infrastructure Director Spain
Gerweck, Jannis Equity Associate Germany
Giver, Henrik Equity Associate Sweden
Glevén, Stefan Infrastructure Partner Sweden
Green, Daniel Real Estate Associate UK
Gröne, Fabian Infrastructure Partner Singapore
Gruber, Filip Credit Business Analyst Sweden
Gupta, Tanvi Infrastructure Associate US
Gustafsson, Albert Equity Partner Sweden
Haaf, Wolfgang Infrastructure Associate Germany
Haataja, Ilari Mid Market Associate Finland
Halbye, August Equity Associate Denmark
Harlang Meyer, Adam Equity Associate Denmark
Hartnett, Mark Credit Business Analyst UK
He, Jerry Mid Market Partner, Head of China, Mid Market Asia China
Felix Heesch Equity Associate Germany
Henrik Balslev, Peter Equity Director Denmark
Henriksson, Erika Equity Director Sweden
Herskowitz, Jonathan Equity Associate US
Hestnes, Jak Equity Director Norway
Ho, Gerran Mid Market Director China
Hoeh, Julius Mid Market Associate Germany
Hökfelt, Alexandre Credit Director UK
Homayoun, Masoud Infrastructure Partner Sweden
Horn, Christian Mid Market Director Germany
How Aarhus, Philip Equity Associate Denmark
Huber, Andreas Infrastructure Partner Germany
Hummelmose, Morten Equity Partner US
Hylander, Johan Credit Associate UK
Ibsen, Simon Equity Associate Denmark
Janssens, Bert Equity Partner Netherlands
Jaslowitzer, Patrick Infrastructure Associate Germany
Jatar, Neha Infrastructure Associate US
Jbara, Hamza Credit Associate UK
Jhaver, Siddarth Equity Director UK
Jiang, Fiona Equity Associate UK
Johnson, Paul Credit Partner UK
Jonsson, Conni Chairman of the Board Sweden
Jörnow, Lars Ventures Partner Sweden
Kaeser, Nathalie Equity Associate Germany
Kaplan, Shira Ventures Venture Advisor Switzerland
Karatas, Elvan Infrastructure Associate Germany
Karlsen, Zacharias Infrastructure Associate Sweden
Kestenbaum, Matthew Infrastructure Associate US
Ketter, Nils Equity Director Germany
Kinberger, Jörg Mid Market Director Germany
Kistenmacher, Carl Mid Market Director Sweden
Kjær Nielsen, Rikke Mid Market Partner Denmark
Klagsbrun, Harry Mid Market Partner and Head of EQT Mid Market Europe's advisory team Sweden
Knight, Abigail Credit Business Analyst UK
Knokgaard, Kasper Equity Partner US
Köllensperger, Ulrich Infrastructure Partner Switzerland
Kollmann, Nicolas Mid Market Associate Germany
Kong, Angel Mid Market Director China
Konopelski, Andrew Credit Partner and Head of EQT Credit advisory team UK
Koolen, Kees Ventures Partner Netherlands
Koskinen, Vesa Mid Market Partner Finland
Kozyritskiy, Gleb Infrastructure Director Germany
Krösche, Hajo Equity Director Germany
Küng, Tobias Infrastructure Director Germany
Küpper, Christian Mid Market Associate Germany
Landgren, Henrik Ventures Analytics Partner Sweden
Latz, Robert Mid Market Director Germany
Lee, Eugene Mid Market Associate China
Levine, Matthew Mid Market Partner and Head of EQT Mid Market US advisory team US
Lim, Benjamin Infrastructure Associate Singapore
Lindbom, Alex Mid-Market Associate Finland
Lindner, Sven Equity Associate Germany
Lindquist, Amelie Mid Market Associate Sweden
Lindström, William Infrastructure Associate Sweden
Littich, Gebhard Infrastructure Associate Germany
Liu, Eric Equity Partner US
Loos, Robert Equity Associate Germany
Lundström, Ashley Ventures Venture Lead Sweden
Luo, Mason Mid Market Associate China
Luscombe Thomsen, Stephanie Equity Associate Denmark
Lüthge, Dr. Adrian Mid Market Associate Germany
Maclean, Robert Equity Director UK
Magnerius, Madeleine Equity Associate Sweden
Manniello, Massimiliano Equity Associate UK
Martin, Marie-Saeko Real Estate Associate UK
Martinez-Tello, Marcos Credit Associate UK
Martinsson, Douglas Real Estate VP Sweden
Masucci, Axel Infrastructure Director Germany
Mattmann, Dominik Credit Director UK
McBride, Patrick Equity Associate UK
Misund, Anders Equity Partner Norway
Mitchell, Alastair Ventures Partner UK
Mitra, Arnav Credit Associate US
Mok, Martin Mid Market Partner and Head of EQT Mid Market Asia's advisory team China
Moll, Mikael Public Value Managing Director Sweden
Munini, Carlotta Credit Associate UK
Murtoaro, Jarkko Mid Market Director Finland
Muszynski, Tomasz Mid Market Associate Netherlands
Myresten, Erik Infrastructure Associate Sweden
Ngan, Vivian Credit Associate UK
Nieuwenburg, Kristiaan Equity Partner UK
Nissilä Källström, Elias Equity Associate Sweden
Noel, Pascal Mid Market Associate Germany
Nordin, Addison Equity Associate US
Norell, Pontus Infrastructure Associate Sweden
Nygaard, Nils Petter Equity Associate Norway
Olsson, Hedda Båverud Equity Associate Sweden
Orrbeck, Henrik Real Estate Managing Director Sweden
Österlund, John Infrastructure Director Sweden
Pardey, Sydney Equity Associate US
Perez, Daniel Infrastructure Partner Sweden
Persson, Ted Ventures Design/UX/Brand Partner Sweden
Pincet, Erwan Credit Associate UK
Plaz, Lukas Real Estate Associate UK
Popp, Chris Infrastructure Associate US
Poschik, Arno Mid Market Director Germany
Prada, Lorenzo Infrastructure Associate Germany
Quitadamo, Federico Equity Director Switzerland
Rackind, Robert Real Estate Partner and Head of EQT Real Estate advisory team UK
Raghavan, Nisha Real Estate Managing Director UK
Rauch, Hermann Equity Director Switzerland
Rebib, Reda Equity Associate Switzerland
Regeur, Jeroen Equity Director Netherlands
Reichel, Johannes Equity Partner Germany
Reick, Friedrich Mid Market Associate Germany
Renström, Carl Johan Equity Partner Sweden
Riefer, Matthias Mid Market Director Germany
Riisberg, Åsa Equity Partner Sweden
Ringby, Niklas Public Value Partner and Co-Head of Public Value advisory team Sweden
Röhm, Andrea Equity Associate Germany
Rohman Pettersson, Andreas Equity Director Sweden
Rubin, Joakim Public Value Partner and Chief Investment Advisor of Public Value advisory team Sweden
Ruiz-Reyes, Federico Infrastructure Associate US
Russ, Chris Infrastructure Associate US
Santana Garcia-Fuster, Carlos Mid-Market Director Spain
Sarin, Nakul Credit Director UK
Saukkonen, Mika Infrastructure Director Sweden
Schaeffer, Daniel Infrastructure Associate Germany
Scheid, Adam Equity Associate Sweden
Schlegel, Swen Infrastructure Associate Germany
Scollans, Brendan Mid Market Partner US
Sellman, Jacob Public Value Associate Sweden
Shacalis, Peter Real Estate Director UK
Shah, Nirav Infrastructure Director US
Sharma, Indra Ventures Venture Lead Sweden
Shen, Ethan Mid Market Associate China
Shin Høegh Andersen, Christian Equity Director Denmark
Sinding, Christian CEO and Managing Partner Switzerland
Sjögren, Alexander Real Estate Associate Sweden
Sjölund, Carl Infrastructure Director US
Smolyar, Ariel Infrastructure Associate US
Snijders, Arjan Mid Market Director Netherlands
Stadler, Georg Infrastructure Director Germany
Stein, Dominik Equity Partner Germany
Straubinger, Marc-Alexander Infrastructure Associate Germany
Strecker, Alice Infrastructure Associate Germany
Stypulkowski, Jan Mid Market Director Germany
Sundell, Anna Infrastructure Director Sweden
Sundin, Karl Johan Public Value Director Sweden
Svanström, Johan Ventures Partner UK
Tan, Tian Mid Market Associate China
Tarawneh, Michele Equity Associate UK
Teilman Axelson, Maria Mid Market Associate Sweden
Tergiman, Cyril Credit Partner UK
Thompson, Erwin Infrastructure Partner US
Thun, Matteo Equity Director US
Tillmo, Simon Equity Associate Germany
Tong, Brian Mid Market Associate China
Tor, Wei Jian Mid Market Director Singapore
Tornling, Magnus Equity Partner Norway
Tran-Viet, Dr. Alexis Infrastructure Director Germany
Tynan, Thomas Real Estate Associate UK
van der Ploeg, Marnix Ventures Global Rollout Partner Sweden
Anne van der Voorden Mid Market Associate Netherlands
van der Zande, Rob Equity Associate Netherlands
van Halder, Floris Equity Director Netherlands
Van Haute, Pieter-Jan Equity Associate Netherlands
van Limburg Stirum, Fiona Infrastructure Associate Germany
Vesely, Jan Infrastructure Partner US
von Koch, Thomas Deputy Managing Partner Sweden
Wang, Forrest Mid Market Director China
Warren, Teo Mid Market Associate Singapore
Watt, Sofia Real Estate Managing Director and Head of Asset Management UK
Waxman, Ethan Equity Director US
Weber, Patrick Mid Market Director Switzerland
Wellenstam, Victor Equity Associate Sweden
Westerman, Wilhelm Public Value Analyst Sweden
Wilson, Rickard Public Value Director Sweden
Wilson, Rickard Public Value Director Sweden
Winarto, Frans Mid Market Associate Singapore
Winbladh, Hjalmar Ventures Partner and Head of EQT Ventures advisory team Sweden
Wittkowski, Matthias Equity Partner Germany
Wojnas, Jacob Infrastructure Associate US
Wolf, Christian Mid Market Associate Germany
Wong, Ken Infrastructure Director Singapore
Wörner, Philipp R. Equity Associate Germany
Yosef, Sonia Mid Market Associate Sweden
Yu, James Equity Partner UK
Yu, Rachel Credit Associate UK
Zhang, Howard Mid Market Director China
Zhou, Ken Equity Associate Sweden
Zuber, Jens Mid Market Director Germany