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EQT Mid Market

Seeks companies with strong market positions and growth potential in the middle market segment in Northern Europe, The US, Greater China and Southeast Asia.

The EQT Mid Market advisory team

The EQT Mid Market advisory team consists of around 60 Investment Advisory Professionals based in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Munich, New York, Oslo, Shanghai, Singapore, Stockholm and Zurich.

The EQT Mid Market Investment Advisory team has significant investment expertise, industry and sector knowledge, and established networks in the local business communities and societies.

Exploring investment opportunities

In close collaboration with EQT’s broad network of Industrial Advisors, the team seeks to identify potential control or co-control investments in medium-sized companies with attractive value creation potential. Focus is on buyouts and growth equity in family- and entrepreneur owned businesses, corporate orphans and public-to-private transactions. The typical equity investment opportunity ranges between €40 million and €75 million in Northern Europe and between €40 million and €100 million in Greater China and Southeast Asia.

The focus is on finding companies with ambitious owners and managers that can benefit from EQT’s industrial approach, international expertise and network as well as from the EQT corporate governance model. The team only investigates investment opportunities where there is a clear potential to support the further development of the company in question. Other investment themes of interest are cross-border expansion and ties between Europe and Asia.

EQT’s expertise in supporting business development and growth as well as the internationalization expertise are often decisive factors for company owners when selecting EQT as partner or new owner.

Joining forces for development

Once a portfolio company has been acquired, EQT typically appoints a Board of Directors with a Chairman (an EQT Industrial Advisor with relevant management background) supported by other sector/industry specialists from the EQT Industrial Network and an EQT Mid Market partner. The Board of Directors defines and monitors strategic plans and ensures that management gets the appropriate support and resources to run the portfolio company in a dynamic, efficient and responsible manner.

There is also the more informal forum called the TROIKA consisting of the Chairman, the EQT Mid Market partner and the portfolio company CEO. The TROIKA works closely together on an informal and continual basis and is a sparring partner to the CEO. He or she can address and get advice and support on different topics such as operational or strategic issues. The TROIKA does not have decision-making powers and is in no way a substitute for the portfolio company Board of Directors.

High-growth, Mid Market companies often need practical support and all parties involved in a portfolio company contribute with their skills and expertise to make sure that management get relevant assistance and support. The overall goal is making the company stronger, more sustainable and well-positioned to continue to prosper also after EQT’s ownership.

The team monitors and analyzes the position of the portfolio company during EQT’s ownership with respect to recommending an exit. EQT is highly focused on securing a professional hand over of a strong and sustainable company to the new owner.